Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I missed France... so I made a Tarte Tatin!

I miss France.
I miss France so much.
My sister and aunt took me to see Julia & Julie this last week.
Everyday at work we play the Amelie soundtrack.
All my parents ever buy for me anymore is cheese.

The recipe can be found on Martha Stewart Living:


My friend and I decided to participate in the exclusive world of fine-dining and attended the restaurant West this past weekend. West has a reputation for being the best restaurant in Vancouver, if not the whole world...

The atmosphere was very sophisticated and enjoyable, the only downside being that we were the youngest ones there! The food was delicious; we each had a starter, main course and dessert, each enhanced by a bottle of smooth red wine from the Rhone Valley in France. Unfortunately, the Nikon D60 did not fit in my purse so I had to settle for my sister's inferior Canon instead!

For the starter, I had an aged risotto with chanterelles, zucchini, and peas.

As a main course, I chose the smoked sablefish. It was served with tabais beans, sweet peppers, shaved radish and a yellow pepper puree.

Finally for dessert, I had a mascarpone espresso cake atop a brownie, served alongside a cinnamon meringue and coffee ice cream.

By the end of the night I felt as though my previously not-so-tight dress was going to pop a seam! (it was well worth it though!) For anyone interested in West, check out their website: